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B:fit Personal Training & Massage Therapy
 New Body, New You!
Personalised fitness training is available to anyone
who wants to become more active, healthier,
fitter, slimmer or just for the fun of it.

Why have a personal trainer?

People train for a variety of reasons, it could be to lose weight, change body shape, prepare for a wedding or holiday, rehab from illness or injury, run a marathon, pre- or post-pregnancy; the list is pretty extensive. Hiring a personal trainer means clients get regular, dedicated time with their trainer, and are completely focussed on their own personal health and fitness objectives. 

Motivation is a big issue with exercise, having an appointment with your personal trainer means you can't shirk out of your exercise session in favour of the sofa or a long lie, you know they will be waiting for you ready to get you moving.  Still, you'll need to put the effort in yourself - a personal trainer isn't a magic formula and you won't change into a lean, mean fighting machine overnight! 


some want it to happen
some wish it would happen
others make it happen
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